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I'm Anna Violette,


a visual artist based in Melbourne, Australia. I specialise in abstract and half-abstract painting with acrylics. Occasionally I use oil paint and other media. I also create mixed media artwork and photography, write blogs, make music and enjoy expressing myself creatively in any way I feel inclined to.


I grew up in the mountainous area of South Tyrol in Italy and I have been creating art in different forms ever since I can remember. I am self-taught for most part, though I have briefly attended some courses and classes that have helped me develop my artistic skills.


When I attended an art and design course at the School of Design "Schule für Gestaltung" in Basel, Switzerland, I got introduced to abstract painting and found my passion for this medium. After the first semester I quit the course and went to the UK to continue working on my own, painting abstract. My paintings evolved and moved into new directions such as half-abstract portraits.

For regular updates on new artwork, sales and other news, visit my pages on Instagram and Facebook.


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