I use the term ‘transformational art’ to describe my artwork as I consciously use art as a tool to process emotions, feelings, impressions and experiences and transform them into a beautiful piece of art.

As a neurodiverse and highly sensitive individual I feel very deeply and the processing of both pleasant and painful experiences is an essential part of my daily life. Each piece of art I create is a part of my personal transformation and healing journey.

My process of creation is very intuitive and free-flowing. The work I create allows me to express the things inside of me that cannot be expressed in words.

My artwork is intended to be transformational and healing not only for myself, but also for the viewer. When I create commissions, I connect to the energy of the buyer and work with the intention to create an artwork that supports them on their own personal journey of life and transformation.

I intend for my artwork to be a reminder of that we are all beautiful unique works of art, even if sometimes our beauty seems invisible to the world.


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