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Art is a powerful way of creative expression and a tool for healing and transformation.

As a neurodivergent and highly sensitive individual, I feel deeply and intensely and perceive and process the world around me in a specific and detail-oriented way.

Creating art helps me process the many feelings and experiences I go through. It helps me relax and be in a state of flow. It allows me to express the many things inside me that cannot be expressed in words.

Transformation is the central aspect and theme that all of my artwork revolves around. The theme of inner transformation is represented in my work by elements of the natural world, which I feel very connected to.

My intention is that the transformative and healing energies that go into my artwork are transmitted to anyone who connects with my artwork and is open and receptive to these beautiful energies.

When I create commissions I intuitively connect to the person receiving the artwork and allow myself to channel through what wants to be expressed on canvas specifically for them.

My creations are intended to be a valuable means of support and inspiration on the personal journey of anyone who welcomes the energy of transformation into their life.

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