Art is a tool for healing, processing and transformation of emotions and inner experiences. As a neurodivergent and highly sensitive individual, I feel deeply and intensely and perceive the world in multiple layers and beyond the five senses.

Creating art helps me process the many experiences in this world. It helps me relax and be in a state of flow, allowing to be expressed what cannot be expressed in words. It serves as a tool to process past traumatic experiences in a way that feels therapeutic and transformative.

Transformation is the central aspect and theme that all of my artwork revolves around. The theme of inner transformation is represented by elements of the natural world in my artwork. The natural world is constantly changing, evolving and transforming. As humans we are not separate from nature; we are a part of the natural world too, which is something I intend to communicate as a reminder through my art.

My intention is to create artwork for people who connect to the energy of transformation and welcome it into their lives. It can be easy to feel stuck, depressed, inhibited and trapped in a world that is designed in a way that shuts down the essence of our humanity. My artwork is intended to be a mirror of that essence, so that it is not forgotten. There are parts of us that exist within us all, waiting to be reconnected to and embraced.

Through my artwork I transmit the energies of transformation, healing and reconnection to anyone who is open to receiving them. My creations are intended to be a valuable means of support and inspiration on the personal journey of anyone who feels connected to them and the themes they represent.